The largest country in east Africa, Tanzania is home to the biggest world-famous national parks and heritage sites. Get in to the Tanzania Destinations & view some of the experiences and activities you can enjoy while on your Tanzania Safari.

Exotic and enchanting, the republic of Tanzania is truly a jewel in Africa’s crown. Despite possessing some of the continent’s most alluring and famous destinations including the idyllic archipelago of Zanzibar, majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, and the Serengeti, Safari In Tanzania offers a largely unspoiled and authentic experience. Tanzania is a dream destination of the world for travellers with various interests. Not only for the Tanzania National Parks but also travellers can discover various elements. Explore the idyllic beaches, game viewing in safari destinations, Kilimanjaro climbing, and more.

From winter to summer, dry season to rainy season, Tanzania Safari Destinations offers a kaleidoscope of ever-changing landscapes, beautiful people, diverse wildlife, and some of Africa’s most wonderful images. Within days of arriving, we find most visitors simply fall in love with the country’s ambiance, always departing hungry for more. With millions of wildebeest, greatest national parks that seem to overflow with elephants, buffaloes, and big cats, the snow-capped peaks of Kilimanjaro, the spice islands of Zanzibar, some of the world’s most luxurious and stylish accommodation … It is easy to understand the desire to return.

From its exhilarating former capital city Dar es salaam (‘home of peace’), once a fishing village and now a bustling centre of commerce, culture, and entertainment, to the peace and natural splendour of the Selous game reserve, a UNESCO world heritage site and home to some of the highest populations of wild animals in Africa, Tanzania is a destination that will delight every traveler.

How Many Tourist Attractions Are In Tanzania?

 Tanzania indeed has it all Tanzania has 16 National Parks, 1 conservation area, 17 game reserves, and several marine parks, a breath-taking coast and Lake Zone and gently undulating highlands that are a hiker’s paradise.

Of all the countries in Africa, there may be no better place to see the animals that define the continent than Tanzania. Relatively undiscovered, Tanzania Destinations deliver sights and experiences that will take your breath away and replenish your spirit.

Fulfill your dream, take that one-of-a-kind family trip, get up-close and personal with wildlife, connect and embrace cultures beyond, relax under the tropical sun and rest under the star-filled night skies, contribute to conservation, to sustainable development of local communities. Matrix Safaris provides rich, diverse, fulfilling Safari, great Tanzania Travel Guide and Cultural experiences on various Tanzania Destinations! Your Tanzania Safari awaits! 

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